But like

But like Much approaches from chapter about drugs here: time, contacts, conversation from the third party.

For the following chapter it too significantly.

But like Taknedelayte each conversation has own thin differences.

THAT WE THINK Here that, according to several hundred teenagers, you should know when you talk to them about alcohol and cigarettes.

If you do not give them to us, it does not mean that we cannot get them Mother says that I never in life have to drink.

Yes same it is impossible.

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But besides

But besides And now first labor lasts on average from to hours, and that more long, are already qualified as long.

But besides this tendency of active intervention arose not from scratch, it has the explanation.

Here it.

There was a natural selection earlier.

Weak, sick babies did not survive.

The death of women in labor too was not a rarity.

Now installation of official medicine of the developed countries it is necessary to leave ALL.

The lethal outcome in modern childbirth is a state of emergency of universal scale which, fortunately, happens very seldom.

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So, what, according

So, what, according Find a way to begin conversation Knowing that conversation probably will cause inconveniences that it is a еестестве, all the same to begin it this the worst.

Do not complicate to yourself life without need.

So, what, according to teenagers, you can make that conversation turned out?

I like to call it a cable crossing point: that allows to prepare engines for action.

Cable crossing points are very important because considerably reduce the awkwardness sometimes arising at the beginning of conversation.

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They too cannot

They too cannot Practically all children with a hemiplegia will be able to go, but many children with a spastic diplegiya and the majority with a tetraplegiya will be able to go never.

The same can be told and about the purposeful movements by hands.

They too cannot teach as they appear as a result of development of the central nervous system.

Initially all fingers participate in the hvatatelny movements at children, and only on the ninth or tenth month of life socalled shchiptsovy capture starts developing: the thumb is opposed index, and the child can already take two fingers small subjects, such as beads or highlights.

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So it happened

So it happened When our life changes, we want that we were heard There is one more problem which is connected not with financial problems, and it is more with financial changes.

I have very good friend, whose father was the vicepresident of the company and earned solid money.

Over time he was tired of work and wanted to be engaged in something as a hobby.

So it happened that in the city there was a small restaurant at which badly there were affairs.

The father began to think of that, as if to buy him and to open own restaurant that always was his dream.

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